Pressed and anodised aluminium case protectors for KTM brittle magnesium engine cases. They absorb shock from piercing impacts. Essential equipment!

These 2mm anodised guards protect your bikes vulnerable magnesium side cases. Dropping the bike onto rocks can lead to punctured/shattered cases and a massive bill, never mind the issues of being stuck far from home with oil running down your boots!!! Simply stick the guards on with high temperature silicon (not included, but available from Ebay or most good hardware stores).

These guards can be removed at any time such as when selling the bike to show off your shiny new looking engine cases.

Available in black or silver anodised to compliment our bashplate. Now also available in limited edition Husqvarna Blue.

Price is for one right and one left side guard.

"Your case savers saved my weekend and my engine case when my Husky 701 went down on a big rock today! I'm at the Evasion Husky enduro weekend in France. Without the case saver I'm pretty sure it would have been a very expensive end to my weekend!" - Greg Watts