A 4/5mm Aluminium tig welded bashplate with a powder coated covering. Not to be confused with inferior products this RTW expedition tested guard will NOT let you down and is certified Adventure Spec.

The Adventure-Spec KTM 690 Enduro bashplate takes engine protection to the next level.

We know what you want to do with your bike and where you’ll be going, into the middle of nowhere!

This guard offers superior levels of protection to anything we’ve seen while still being slim and not compromising the bikes performance in deep ruts.

It features a hole to allow you to view the oil level and a guard extension to the rear to protect the vulnerable rear master cylinder. The left side is flared a little to deflect away from the side stand, plus we added a hole below the front sprocket to stop mud building up.

The KTM690 established itself as the bike of choice for the long distance trail rider, followed by the Husqvarna 701. Our bashplates have been tried and tested by riders using these bikes as intended. We’ve had our 690 through 2,000 miles of North African Sahara and Lyndon Poskitt has bashed his through many rallies and hard trails.

If you come across a 690 or 701 on the Trans Euro Trail take a look and see what their riders have chosen to protect their engines and make sure they can keep riding.

Watch Rick at Heddle Towns Enduro Rides put his 690 and bashplate through it's paces in Canada