From pictures of the legendary adventure-mad Chris Scott in the Tenere desert to images of the Dakar rally back in the mid-1980’s (when it was at it’s crazy best) the names Yamaha and Tenere come with some serious expectations loaded onto them.


In this case it seems that whilst the latest incarnation is no race bike in its standard trim it’s absolutely perfect for adventure riding… so, it wasn’t long after the final specs of the T700 were announced that we placed our order and as soon as the bike arrived Dave announced it was a big improvement on his original 1986 1Vj Tenere which first carried him across the Sahara ‘way-back-when’.


However, like all adventure bikes, whilst the manufacturers are getting better at most things there are the usual missing parts that quickly become necessary if you want to use the bike for its intended purpose…


Here at AS we’ve been making crashbars for over a decade and we’ve heard many stories about them successfully protecting the most vulnerable parts of your bike, we’ve even heard of them saving peoples limbs as well as ‘just’ the bike(!), so we know how important it is to get them right. 


With the standard tank and radiator configuration on the T700 your plastics aren’t the only parts of your bike that you’ll need to worry about in the event of the inevitable drop. With its weight up high the Tenere falls relatively hard and without a doubt the one part of your bike you don’t want to damage when you’re ‘out in the sticks’ is your radiator. 


Roll on the AS T700 Crashbars…made from 25mm 6000 series aluminium tubing with a fat 3mm sidewall these 3.04Kg bars give you the strength you need without the weight penalty of steel.


The bars are designed for your T700 to lean on as the bike naturally falls into its resting position on the ground after a spill, hopefully taking the impact/weight off your tank and/or acting as sacrificial grinding plates in the event of a long slide. 


We all prefer to keep our bikes rubber side down, but for those times when reality bites it’s often best to be prepared.

If your T700 goes down the crash bars will help look after your plastics


Simplicity is the key to the design success of the new Yamaha T700 and the steel twin beam frame is one part of that story, as is the cast aluminium engine sump that nestles between them.


The underside/sump area of any bike has always been a weak point when adventure riding as the prospect of dropping 270kg+ (bike including rider) onto a pointed rock is sadly all to real. 


Whilst in engineering terms there is no way to make the force of such a drop magically disappear we can try to spread the load over as wide an area as possible in a bid to dissipate the impact. 


All this said we also realise that part of the joy of riding a bike in tricky situations is keeping it light. No one ever said ‘I wish my bike was heavier’ at any point of a technical ride. So, the question is…how do we protect the T700 from the bangs and scrapes it will inevitably experience without adding too much weight? 


Using a lightweight high quality grade of 4mm 5000 series aluminium coupled with 6mm PEHD skid rails we have created a stiff and light section of bash plate that will protect your engine sump, frame rails and exhaust from impact and slide damage whilst weighing in at only 2.2kg. 


Of course, to make sure the plate looks the part as well as remaining as strong as possible we only weld using TiG systems, we use stainless steel fittings and we powder coat the plate to a choice of coloured finishes.

A big difference between the OEM and Adventure Spec Bashplate